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I’m Josh.

Most of you know me as a pen tester, red teamer, or beer snob, but I'm also an auto enthusiast, and photographer living in the suburbs of Chicago.

Looking back, I’ve been a student of information security my entire life. Computers were always my thing. Whether it was networking, programming, admin, or hacking; I was always a computer nerd. That's not to say that I haven't had distractions or taken some short paths down other careers, but I alway found my way back to computing.

In 2008 I interviewed for a penetration testing role (hacking to find vulnerabilities so companies can fix them... good guy shit) and quickly realized there were no entry-level gigs. I spent the next six years in tech, and eventually decided it was time to try my hand at offense again. The learning curve has been a fantastic challenge, and I have been hooked since the first engagement. I often spend over twelve hours a day working, learning, and having a blast. I'm still amazed that I can make a living having this much fun!

This site is a casual blog for anything I feel like documenting. It's a place to keep some brewing notes. A place to share a backstory with some photos. Sure other sites make this easier, but this is a good chance for me to do it my way. If one thing interests you more than another, I am on many social networks that are more focused. Hit up github if you want code, etc..

Feel free to email me, or connect with me via any number of the social sites I am on.

And last but not least, I've been guest blogging over on my good friend John Mocuta's site as well, so be sure to check out the content over there as well!

Cheers, Josh