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1st March 2014

IP Manipulator - A tool for converting IP addresses

I finally got around to posting my IP Manipulator to Github. The purpose of the project is to convert (manipulate) an IP address into various forms. IP addresses are valid in decimal, octal, and hexadecimal formats. Dotted notation is also valid , so suffixes can be grouped together.

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17th Septempber 2013

Crooked Brown Teeth - An English Bitter

The kegs were empty again. The carboys sitting idle. A far too common experience at my house. It was time to brew. This time we went for a quick turning English Bitter. A wonderful example of a beer that helps me transition into the cooler months. I prefer my bitter’s to be served on the warmer side, low carbonation. As close to cask served conditions as possible. What makes an English Bitter? Maris Otter for one. And my preferred British maltster, Thomas Fawcett is just the trick. The grain tastes like a biscuit, warm from the oven. It’s superb and top notch ingredients like this Maris Otter are really the basis for a great English Bitter.

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8th July 2013

Aloof Mongrel Ale

I got the distinct feeling that my God-fearing, church-going neighbors were displeased with Pat and I as we brewed and consumed alcohol on Sunday morning. I don’t see the issue, personally. You drink wine, I drink beer. Quantities are obviously determined based on your specific rank. Pat wanted to brew. I did too, I just didn’t know it yet. I could ramble forever about why this was, but lets suffice it so say that I was stuck in the dreaded day-to-day infinite loop. Whatever, on to the brew.

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20th May 2013

Intergalactic Wookiee Snot

Empty kegs tug at my heart strings like few other things, but with a couple carboys aging in the basement I am confident my man card has been preserved. Alas, with nothing to fill my immediate glass, it was time to brew. And what better way to celebrate National Homebrew Day, than to induct Pat (patrick-davis.com) into the brotherhood of home brewers. This was my first time attempting a 10 gallon batch with the current equipment which of course led to comedic oversights, stupid 10 gallon mash tun only holding 10 gallons…. Still makes me chuckle….. (idiot)

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14th Feb 2013

Cozy Blanket - Belgian Strong Ale

During my introduction to all-grain brewing I found Northern Brewers ‘The Number 8′ kit had high reviews. Fond of all beers Belgian I threw it into my cart last time I was buying supplies. That was a year ago. Time to brew it. Clocking in over 9% I knew this one would take some time to mellow out. Round the harsh corners. Build the complexity we all crave. And knowing how well 6 months to a year will treat a brew of this magnitude I moved it up in the schedule. It should be ready to go early this fall and even better as the snow starts to blanket Chicago again.

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