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30th Jan 2013

Landers Fred (I)

Few things in life are more aggravating than moving a 300 lb treadmill through a freshly painted house, but when the task rewards you with ample space in your garage to home brew… now that is a compromise I am willing to make. Wifey is happy and the lower back pain is a solid 3 days in the past which means one glorious thing. Time to brew! And brew I did. The brew day started the same as every one before it. Unpack a mountain of gear and wonder why I still haven’t figured out some sort of system to keep this crap organized. Sooner than later I will have my very own brewing sculpture and I am sure my back will thank me for it. Moving on.

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12th December 2012

Hobbes - American Hoppy Wheat

Inspired by a mischievous stuffed tiger sidekick, this Hoppy American Wheat falls a bit off the beaten path. I started with one goal, make a delicious American wheat beer that could be drank by the liter. With Gumballhead as my benchmark, I set out to make the first brew at our new home a great one.

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26th September 2012

Mellow Amber Ale

It’s bound to happen eventually. I was sick of massively bitter beers and sought to brew something a bit mellower. Something more malt focused. Something bready, chewy, a little fruity but definitely smooth and drinkable. Thus was born the crowd pleasing mellow amber of 2012. I’ll admit that it differs from the normally accepted standard that an Amber should have moderate bitterness. This is not your west-coast red. It’s not big and burly, but damn if it’s not just as tasty. Whirlpool or a hopback will give it a nice hoppy nose, but this beer is still malt focused. Little to no bitterness will be found.

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4th September 2011

Drift Days 38

I took the drive up to USA Intl Raceway with Khushroo to cover the DD38 event. The track is beautiful and the rules loose enough that I was able to get close to the action. One complaint is that they seem to allow anyone with a camera on track, which can make it challenging to get a clean shot.

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