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8th July 2013

Aloof Mongrel Ale

I got the distinct feeling that my God-fearing, church-going neighbors were displeased with Pat and I as we brewed and consumed alcohol on Sunday morning. I don’t see the issue, personally. You drink wine, I drink beer. Quantities are obviously determined based on your specific rank.

Pat wanted to brew. I did too, I just didn’t know it yet. I could ramble forever about why this was, but lets suffice it so say that I was stuck in the dreaded day-to-day infinite loop. Whatever, on to the brew.

We decided to make a rPale Ale. We wanted less tropical hops and decided to roll with Chinook, hoping for some more earthy, piney notes.

The simple recipe made for a simple brew day. It is quite enjoyable having a knowledgeable brew partner. Everything just flowed. It was by far the easiest brew day to date. We’ve definitely learned how to brew well with each other.

So, without further rambling, here is a simple summer session ale.

Aloof Mongrel Pale Ale
OG 1.043, 14ish SRM, 40ish IBU

Grist (10 Gal to the kegs)
14.0 lbs Pale Malt (2-Row) (Canada Malting)
2.0 lbs Crystal 60 (Cargill)

148F for 60″

Boil (60 min)
1.50 oz Chinook () 60 Min
1.00 oz Chinook () 15 Min
1.00 oz Chinook () 5 Min

1 old pack of Wyeast 1968 London ESB – smacked at the beginning of brew day

2 Whirlfloc tablets and yeast nutrient added with 15 minutes remaining in boil.
Immersion chiller was only able to get us down to ~75°F. At ~40 minutes we called it and transferred to better bottles.
Oxygenation in primary for 30 seconds.