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14th Feb 2013

Cozy Blanket - Belgian Strong Ale

During my introduction to all-grain brewing I found Northern Brewers ‘The Number 8′ kit had high reviews. Fond of all beers Belgian I threw it into my cart last time I was buying supplies. That was a year ago. Time to brew it.

Clocking in over 9% I knew this one would take some time to mellow out. Round the harsh corners. Build the complexity we all crave. And knowing how well 6 months to a year will treat a brew of this magnitude I moved it up in the schedule. It should be ready to go early this fall and even better as the snow starts to blanket Chicago again.

The ingredient kit is designed for 5 Gal to the fermenter. My one main gripe with most beer kits. (I’d prefer to have 5 at the end of fermentation, hence 5.5 into the fermenter)

Cozy Blanket – Belgian Strong Ale
OG 1.084 (1.085 Actual), 19 SRM, 26 IBU

10 lbs German Pilsener
1.5 lbs Caramunich
2 lbs Soft Candi Sugar Brown (10 min left in boil)
1 lb Corn Sugar (10 min left in boil)

149F for 60″

1.0 oz Tradition (5.3% AA Pellets) 60 min
0.5 oz German Hersbrucker (2.4% AA Pellets) 30 min
0.5 ox German Hersbrucker (2.4% AA Pellets) 5 min

1.5L Starter of Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II. Oxygenated and pitched at 68. Will rise to 70 over next 4 days.