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30th Jan 2013

Landers Fred (I)

Few things in life are more aggravating than moving a 300 lb treadmill through a freshly painted house, but when the task rewards you with ample space in your garage to home brew… now that is a compromise I am willing to make. Wifey is happy and the lower back pain is a solid 3 days in the past which means one glorious thing. Time to brew! And brew I did.

The brew day started the same as every one before it. Unpack a mountain of gear and wonder why I still haven’t figured out some sort of system to keep this crap organized. Sooner than later I will have my very own brewing sculpture and I am sure my back will thank me for it. Moving on.

Today we are brewing a Flanders Red. Admittedly new to brewing sours I’ve started my journey with Jamil’s recipe. I’ve made minor changes, but am mostly looking to compare his take on the style with several other batches to be made in the coming weeks / months.

But for now we will all have to wait, for this one will sit in my basement for the next 12-24 months. Training. Practicing and preparing for it’s glorious release into the wild.

Landers Fred (I)
OG 1.063 (1.065 Actual), 15 SRM, 15 IBU

5.0 lbs German Vienna
4.5 lbs German Pilsner 2-Row
3.0 lbs German Munich
0.5 lb White Wheat
0.5 lb Special B
0.5 lb Caramunich III
0.5 lb Aromatic

154F for 60″

Boil (90 min)
0.85 oz Cascade (7.1% AA Whole) 60 Min

Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Blend

I’ll be leaving the beer in primary for at least a few months, most likely for its entire journey.