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26th September 2012

Mellow Amber Ale

It’s bound to happen eventually. I was sick of massively bitter beers and sought to brew something a bit mellower. Something more malt focused. Something bready, chewy, a little fruity but definitely smooth and drinkable.

Thus was born the crowd pleasing mellow amber of 2012. I’ll admit that it differs from the normally accepted standard that an Amber should have moderate bitterness. This is not your west-coast red. It’s not big and burly, but damn if it’s not just as tasty. Whirlpool or a hopback will give it a nice hoppy nose, but this beer is still malt focused. Little to no bitterness will be found.

For 5 gallons at botting, I aimed for 6 gallons at knock out. 5.5 gallons made it to the carboy.

Mellow Amber 2012
Targets: OG 1.058, 15 SRM, 15 IBU

10 lbs American 2-Row (Rahr)
1 lb 4 oz Crystal 40
1 lb 4 oz Crystal 80

152F for 60″

0.125 oz Magnum (13.5% AA Pellets) at 90″
0.16 oz Horizon (12% AA Pellets) at 60″
0.25 oz Palisade (7.8% AA Pellets) at 20″
2.25 0z Cascade (5.5% AA Whole Leaf) at flameout 0″

1L Starter of Wyeast 1335 British Ale II. Oxygenated and pitched at 67, allowed to rise to 70 for 3 weeks.