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20th May 2013

Intergalactic Wookiee Snot

Empty kegs tug at my heart strings like few other things, but with a couple carboys aging in the basement I am confident my man card has been preserved. Alas, with nothing to fill my immediate glass, it was time to brew.

And what better way to celebrate National Homebrew Day, than to induct Pat (patrick-davis.com) into the brotherhood of home brewers. This was my first time attempting a 10 gallon batch with the current equipment which of course led to comedic oversights, stupid 10 gallon mash tun only holding 10 gallons…. Still makes me chuckle….. (idiot)

Today’s brew was something special. A single hopped Pale Ale featuring the spectacular Australian Galaxy hops that I picked up from Nikobrew. Being as how I had an entire pound of Galaxy….. well we got close. But it was a big beer. Much larger than I was expecting, but really when you switch mash tuns and your efficiency leaps by over 20%, get ready for something epic. The brew is kegged up and a day or two away from proper carbonation. Enter, Intergalactic Wookie Snot.

Intergalactic Wookiee Snot
OG 1.060 (1.076 Actual), 9 SRM, 58 IBU

Grist (10 Gal to the kegs)
22.5 lbs Pale Malt (2-Row)
2.2 lbs German Munich
1.0 lb Carafoam
1.0 lb Caramel 60L
1.0 lb Aromatic

150F for 60″

Boil (60 min)
1.00 oz Galaxy (15.1% AA Pellet) First Wort
2.50 oz Galaxy (15.1% AA Pellet) 10 Min
2.50 oz Galaxy (15.1% AA Pellet) 5 Min
2.50 oz Galaxy (15.1% AA Pellet) 1 Min

3.00 oz Galaxy (15.1% AA Pellet) – Dry/Keg Hopped (fine mesh bag directly in keg at 40°F) – This was for 5 gallons. I believe Pat used 1 oz Cascade Whole Leaf.

2 old packs of Wyeast 1968 London ESB in a 1.5L Starter

2 Whirlfloc tablets and yeast nutrient added with 15 minutes remaining in boil.
Immersion chiller had us down to ~64°F within about 15 minutes.
Oxygenation in primary for 30 seconds.