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4th March 2014

7x7 Practice Lock

Last year I picked up a 7×7 practice lock from LP101 user Mr. Wizard. It is a rather interesting top loading 7 pin lock with a Schlage SC4 keyway. The beauty of the design is that you can change the bitting in seconds, and also limit your access to working on a single pin stack at a time. As you can imagine, the lock can be transformed from a single pin lock to a 7 pin with serrated and spool pins for an added challenge in no time at all. The SC4 keyway is spacious and has ample room for a torsion tool.

A perk of the kit is that it comes with:

All in all it is well worth it if you are looking for a commercial quality adaptive / progressive lock. It has been a great training companion when teaching techniques for novices and more advanced techniques for serrated and spool pinned locks.