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27th April 2015

Burp Loader

I wrote a simple ruby script to help with loading large lists of URLS/IP's into Burp Proxy. Historically, I would just use the "Open Multiple Tabs" add-on in Firefox to accomplish the task, but when confronted with an external pentest for 300+ vhost's I decided it was time for a change. The best part is bypassing the SSL certificate check.

I have to assume there are other tools out there that do something similar, but this works for me. I'd rather code my own tools anyway.

Available at https://github.com/joshuaskorich/pentest-tools/blob/master/burp_loader.rb

Simple usage:
./burp_loader -f filename

-f, --file FILENAME A line separated file of targets
-q, --quiet Disable verbose messages
-h, --help Display this screen