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27th July 2016

Nessus Parse

Every now and then a colleague will send me a Nessus export for an engagement they are working on for me to take a look at. I don't really know all that many people that genuinely enjoy sifting through XML, so I put together a simple script to parse the file and output to console. Just to make my life easier, I also added colorization based on the CVSSv3 scale.

I wrote the tool about six months ago, but keep forgetting to write up a post about it. Well, here it is.

Available at https://github.com/joshuaskorich/pentest-tools/blob/master/nessus_parse.rb

Simple usage:
./nessus_parse.rb -f filename
-f, --file FILENAME Nessus XML output file
-i, --ignore Ignore Info / no-CVSS findings
-c, --color Colorize findings by severity
-h, --help Display this screen