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27th July 2016

Network Discovery Reporter

I often have clients who want me to perform network discovery prior to kicking off an External Penetration Test. For example, they may know they have a class B network, but not know what systems are externally reachable. I was struggling to take this intel and put it into a consumable format.

Thus was born another script to take nmap or masscan XML output, parse it, and export the data to a Word DOCX table. The hosts are sorted, duplicate ports from multiple scans are removed, and the longest service description is kept. It also pumps out the table using our internal colors, fonts, etc.. It has saved me countless hours since creating it, and obviously creates a much more professional table in a fraction of the time it would take to make it by hand.

Available at https://github.com/joshuaskorich/pentest-tools/blob/master/net_discovery_reporter.rb

Simple usage:
./net_discovery_reporter.rb -f filename

Usage: net_discover_reporter.rb [options]
-f, --file FILENAME Nmap XML file (singular)
-d, --dir PATH Directory of Nmap XML files
-h, --help Display this screen